Sandra Stammova, pro motorbike racer and one totally kick-ass woman (who also makes a guest appearance in the LOOKBOOK) puts The Warrior Collection to the test…

Hi girls,

Let me start with a little introduction.

I am a professional female motorbike racer for MSS Kawasaki, official Kawasaki supported team in the British Superbike Championship, which is the toughest domestic championship in the world. I’m also an ex professional alpine skier, coach and mentor. Sport is a HUGE part of my life and so training, fitness, nutrition and mental strength are the key factors enabling me to perform at the highest level.  

As you can imagine, to achieve BIG THINGS in our lives it requires putting in an incredibly huge amount of effort along with great passion, determination, commitment, self-sacrifice, talent and of course a bit of luck.

A few years ago and living on the opposite side of the world from home; I decided to put everything into pursuing my dream of becoming a professional motorbike racer, as I’ve ALWAYS believed that nothing is impossible.  Having risen to the challenge I received the honour to race in The United Kingdom against the top male motorbike racers who’ve come here from all over the world. So here I am and absolutely loving every single second of this life on the edge.

I was recently introduced to Miss Matahari to be part of this amazing project to empower women to go for their dreams through a healthy body and mind and to test this new collection of sexy, fashionable, high performance clothing.

My routine mostly consists of running, gym, spinning, roller-blading, Bikram yoga and power walking and I was amazed at how good the clothes felt. They were so light and flexible, I wasn’t overheated and they kept me dry even after a long and hard session. I have to say I was blown away.

But there’s one other thing I’d like to give a big credit to Miss Matahari for and that’s the fact that I felt like a real woman wearing the sexy clothing whilst training because for me it’s important to look as good as I can no matter what I’m doing.

SS xxx